The Humor in Parenting a Child With Special Needs


If you are the parent of a child with special needs engaged in the never ending struggle to advocate for your child’s right to an education, the term “special ed” does not tend to bring a smile to your face.  Indeed, the idea that there might be anything humorous about such things as the IEP process may seem very odd.  But, as with all things, there can be a lighter side to the serious issues involved in parenting a child with special needs, and when it comes to special education issues, leave it to the excellent Wrightslaw website to offer humor as a valuable resource.   

Take a look at Wrightslaw’s December 21, 2010 Special Education Advocate Newsletter , and I dare you not to find a chuckle or two there.  While you’re there, sign up to receive the Newsletter – it’s free, and I highly recommend it for any parent navigating the special education quagmire.


Emergency Information from the Autism Safety Project

If you have a child with autism, or are the caretaker of a person with autism, I highly recommend a visit to the Autism Safety Project website.  Among the many valuable tools available there are instructions on how to create an informational handout for first responders (police, EMTs, etc.).  For those of use whose hearts bleed with every news story about an interaction between law enforcement or medical service providers and an individual with autism or an other brain disorder which has ended in tragedy, the information available at this website is a both a comfort and a practical way to avoid such an outcome for our loved ones.

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