On Big Gifts in Small Packages

I struggled a bit for a title for this post, and I’m still not sure I got it right (but I’m thinking there might not be a “right” title for this one).

Anyway . . . .  Despite my best efforts to “catch up” on Columbus Day, this week has still been so busy thus far that my notes for new blog posts sit neglected on a corner of my desk, where they will likely remain for the rest of this week.  Also, I’ve been thinking that it has been too long since I’ve written about a truly important, inspirational, non-law/risk management/business related, topic.  So, I figured if (a) I will only be writing once this week, and (b) I want to inspire you . . . well, it had better be good.

When it comes to inspiration, I suppose it may be in the eye of the beholder, but whatever does it for you, it would be darn near impossible not to find it here, at TED.  On TED, you will find an amazing array of free video presentations of talks about . . . well, you name it.  I’ve found many that were, for me, big gifts of inspiration in small packages of time.  I’ve also found that if I take a few extra minutes to review the comments posted about a talk they sometimes add an entirely different dimension to the topic (no matter how I feel about the video talk itself), and they (the comments) reveal the nuances of humanity in a sometimes uplifting, sometimes dismaying, usually fascinating, way. 

For today, I would like to encourage you to find the time, no matter how busy you are, to watch this three-minute video of Stacey Kramer’s talk, The Best Gift I Ever Survived.   Then join me in saying, simply, “Wow”.


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What Matters Now

For me, the “holiday season” was way too busy, I’ve spent most of January just trying to catch up (and catch my breath), and there have been times when I’ve felt like a rat in a maze.  Sound familiar to you?  I have a stack of notes about topics I want to blog about sitting on my desk, but I will have to push them aside for one more day while I put the finishing touches on my end of year/beginning of year/catch up/wind up/get organized efforts. 

In the meantime, I want to share with you a valuable gift from Seth Godin, which has inspired me to head into the new year with a new energy and focus.  It is a free e-book, called What Matters Now.  It is well worth taking the time out to read it, and I am grateful for Seth Godin’s generosity in making it available, free of cost, as a New Year’s gift.