Didn’t I just say that? New York Times article, “Insuring Your Business (and Yourself) Against Loss”


Hah!  I said it first! 

Before I was an attorney, I did other stuff, which I am sure I will get around to mentioning here and there on this blog.  I have a B.A. degree in English and Journalism (yup, I’m that old; graduated from college before they started calling Journalism “Communications”), and did some freelance news reporting.  Never for any publication nearly as prestigious as the New York Times, though.  So, that should explain why it is that I note with glee that I said it first.

Well, actually, the sources quoted in my 5/14/2009 post said it first, but I reported it first.  Well, blogged it, anyway.  So there.

Anyway, further to my post on May 14th, see yesterday’s Wealth Matters article in the New York Times, Insuring Your Business (and Yourself) Against Loss.   I had already planned to discuss some of the significant points raised in this article; now I’ll move those topics up in my blog plan (yes, I have one of those).  So, keep an eye out for my upcoming posts about:

  • It’s not enough just to buy insurance for your business, you had better understand it as well.  What one hand (coverage parts) giveth, the other hand (exclusions and limiting endorsements) taketh away.  So if you don’t understand insurance policy coverage forms, exclusions and endorsements, it is important to consult someone who does.
  • Claims-made policies (what they are and how they can hurt you), for those of you whose businesses involve providing professional consulting, advising and other professional services.  (Ummmmm . . . . with the exception of the oldest profession, that is.  As far as I know there is no errors and omissions coverage available for that yet.)
  • Employment practices liability insurance, for any business that has . . . you’ve got it! . . . employees.
  • The special insurance needs of nonprofits and their board members.

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